We can help you with automation

Whether it’s robotics or something a little more tailored fit. Every manufacturer is different and whether you produce one widget or a thousand, we can help you. No out of the box solutions, only the best solution.

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Each work cell is unique


What we offer are solutions, using robotics, for different processes in a company. Be that Machining, Welding, Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Assembly, or something a little more obscure, we can help!



rye design is an

Authorized fanuc robotic integrator

Do you need a robot?


We find that often the simplest solution is the best solution. Whether that solution involves a robot or whether we can make something a little more productive to the situation. That’s where custom automation comes in, and we are best at finding the right solution for the task.



Quality is everything


A high quality product is what your company is known for, but how do you keep that quality high? New employees, change in vendors, material defects, all effect the end result of your product. We can help!

Let us work with you and your quality department to automate inspection and QC processes.


Solutions for control and safety needs


At Rye we understand controls and automation to a level that we can help you implement or modify current equipment. Be that a control upgrade, a program modification, a safety addition, or some other custom solution, we can help!