What exactly is it that we do?

Rye Design is a custom automation equipment manufacturer as well as an integrator for a variety of components and robotic lines.  We are a custom shop and everything we do is engineered from start to finish and designed to work and work well.  Mostly we deal with one-off creations, where you need a specific machine to do a specific task.  We will concept this machine with you, fully design with your feedback, go through a thorough review process with you, then build the machine, test, and deliver.  Easy for you, fun for us!

So again, we base everything we do off a full-featured design, meaning we don't just start cutting chips and hope it turns out well.  We know a piece of automated equipment or robot integration is going to work from the start, and you will be able to visually see and have a conversation about the design before we ever cut a chip or strip a wire.  This also means that everything we do is repeatable, should you need multiple machines or ever need a duplicate down the road.

Examples of things we manufacture in house:

  • Test stands
  • Production equipment
  • Assembly equipment
  • Quality inspection equipment (including vision systems)
  • Retrofit of existing machines to become automated
  • Equipment for material movement and handling
  • Jigs and positioning equipment
  • Tooling and fixtures, Tooling and die machinist on staff!

As well as custom automation equipment we are also authorized integrators for two industrial robot lines.  Epson robotics and Fanuc robotics, both top of the line and highly accurate brands.  With these we can tackle machine tending, assembly, palletizing, pick and place, and anything else you might need a robot for.  These brands give us endless versatility and access to small 4-axis machines all the way to robots that can literally lift a car.

Our shop and offices are located in Claremore, OK and from here we can do machining, welding, laser cutting, 3D printing, and anything needed to produce a turn-key automated equipment.  We also setup physical robot simulations and demonstrate setups before we ever come on site to install.

We have a ton of capability and a boat-load of drive and know-how.  Please contact us if you'd like to know more or have an application to discuss.