Welding Helmet Innovation

Now here's a good idea, your welders spend all day in their hoods, in hot, dirty environments causing fatigue and affecting quality as the day goes on.  A startup company hopes to solve this with the Windmaker welding helmet, developed by metalworker Michael Buckman and recognized as a 2013 Invention Award winner by Popular Science magazine.  

The unique helmet draws in air through the back and pushes through a HEPA-rated filter for the wearer to breathe.  This design cools the helmet and prevents the face plate from fogging.  It as well pushes fumes away from the welder's face and features LED lights along the faceplate, illuminating dark work areas.  Photovoltaic cells help to charge the helmet, using the light emitted from welding flash.  

Stay tuned, the helmet isn't for sale yet but you can learn more about it at Popular Science's website.  The company is based out of Bozeman, MT.