Innovate or Die!


Remember back 8 Years ago, what was the most prominent feature mobile manufacturers used to advertise there latest models?

Do you remember?

Mega Pixels !

It was the reason we bought a phone or camera in those the way,8 years ago is when camera phones had just started to come about.   Whoever had the most "Mega's" won the sale.  But soon, that time was over, technology progressed to the point a cameras shot quality was indifferent and consumers instead became interested in the features and the iPhone, debuted in 2007.  

Think of the giants from this era, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Erikson, all big house hold names at the time, perfect examples of companies that missed the opportunity to innovate.  

Research has shown that mass production, and introducing different models each year is not the key to success....ideas that are unique, and cater towards the individual, those current and future needs of us, the consumer, are the keys to success.  

Imagination is more important than Knowledge

  - Albert Einstein

Innovation could be defined as the ability to uniquely solve problems, it's the key to a companies success in today's world.  Whether that be a company like Toyota who innovates with improved processes and a highly developed work force...constantly making the company better through innovation in shop floor improvements.  Or innovation can be in the form of a product, such as those developed by Apple, who has revolutionized the way we access our digital world, through tablets, smart phones, and computers.  Giants like Ford, GM, Dell, HP, fell behind in this game...and are learning the hard lesson "innovate or Die!".

If your company is innovative, or you strive to be, and could use some help please think of us.  We are your creative thinking, technical resource in Oklahoma, and can help your company become the Innovative Giant in your industry that we all want to be!


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