80 Mph on a Bike!

Remember when you where a kid and you ventured to that really tall hill in town (the one's your parents didn't like).  Stood at the top, took a deep breath, pushed off, rode as fast as you could, peddling as hard as you could...to impress your friends of course.  Well, to put it in perspective, you might have reached 30mph...maybe.  Even the pro's max out at 45mph.

Tom Donhou, a bicycle builder in Hackney, London decided that wasn't good enough.  He set out on a journey to build a poor-mans version of a speed bike.  He didn't beat the record for top speed, that was set back in 1995 by Fred Rompelberg at a crazy 167mph! But, using low cost components, and a wind screen mounted to his Ford Zephyr, Donhou achieved a very impressive 80mph...on a bike!

See the teaser video below and the full video here: